There is a growing societal trend towards DIY. We are finding more  women living alone, even owning their own homes, which means they are more likely to be alone in their homes when something goes wrong.  Speaking from experience, the moment things fall apart, I immediately reach for my phone to seek out the nearest handy man.

This may be what most women do, do,however, the truth of the matter is that it would probably be cheaper for us to do it ourselves. Whilst this may be the case,  how many of us would know how to maintain the simple hick ups lurking within our homes.

Here are 8 DIY’s that every woman should know.


Patching a hole in the wall DIY style

This may sound insane, and one would  probably be wondering why would there be holes in the wall? With the rise in poor quality building structures that are been built, many rooms are actually not being separated by bricks, filmsy walls are now what replaces strong sturdy structures. A mere force of the door and the handle will go straight through.

Sealing windows and doors

A defective window is not is something no one would enjoy,  more especially in winter. Knowing how to seal this DIY style means that you will never be left in the cold.

Fixing the toilet seat

Forget hating your boyfriend for leaving the seat up, imagine falling into the toilet in the middle of the night. Why? because you couldn’t fix the seat.

Taking apart the sink p-trap

Say what? Well, honestly, I did not know what this was. It is the plumbing fixture which is installed under the sink. The p trap prevents clogging but more importantly, it is the part that prevents  sewer gases from passing into the home. I reckon taking the p trap apart should definitely be on the DIY list of things to learn.

Change a light fixture

This is self explanatory, living in darkness is never a good idea.

Remove or replace a door knob.

I have first hand experience of a jammed door and the amount I had to pay a locksmith to replace the lock was a small investment in itself.

Repairing a leaking faucet

Hanging of frames on the wall




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