How to wear stripes

As the days got warmer so did the summer fashion, and if you are keeping up with the trend, you have been wearing stripes already for the past two months. The nautical trend shows its beautiful face time after time as the temperature increases, and we in the fashion world just love it.

So stripes are in, but how do we wear it. You already know that stripes can be extremely tricky and when worn incorrectly can be desperately  unforgiving.

So what is the guide to wearing stripes?

  1. If there is a choice to be made between vertical and horizontal stripes, also choose vertical. Vertical is the most fashion conscious choice. Vertical stripes elongate the body making you look taller and oh yes, skinny.
  2. If you feel like you are packing on a few extra pounds, then horizontal stripes is most definitely, your enemy. As the stripe wrap around the silhouette it can draw attention to those parts that you want to hide.Think about avoiding these especially around the tummy, hips and thighs.
  3. When choosing your stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, the thinner the stripes the more stylish and more pleasing to the body.
  4. Currently, I am in love with the pinstripe pants, pair this with a solid shirt and heels and you are ready to set the city alight.
  5. Stripes draw attention to the eye, so when wearing stripes consider wearing it around areas of the body that you want noticed.
  6. If you have a thin top half of a body and a more curvy bottom, opt for a vertical striped top and a solid bottom.
  7. If you are not yet comfortable with wearing stripes, another way to keep up with the trend is to accessorise. Opt for scarves or hand bags with the print.
  8. For those wanting to hide their bodies, pairing a loose stripe cardigan over a neutral dress works just as well.
  9. Also consider wearing a solid suit with a pin stripe shirt, this screams sexy.

So, however you want to rock this trend, is completely up to you, just make sure that you are.


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