ADHD is a topic very close to my heart. For many who know me, I am mommy to a dear little man who turns 12 in June.

Alex has always been a shy, timid child and very active. As Alex grew up, I started noticing little things. He was unable to complete tasks to the very end and if I had given him a task to complete, he would forget the instructions.

As a mom, sometimes we overlook things boiling it down to age. This is exactly what I did.

I enrolled him into a very sought after kindergarten school and from there he attended a prestigious all boys private school to commence grade 0. During his time at the school, I noticed that he was unable to read age appropriately. When his books were sent home, tasks were not complete and although as parents we confronted teachers, the response was always that “he will get there”.

By the time Alex got to grade 3, his demeanour changed considerably, he was robbed of his confidence, always been the child on the back foot. At this point we decided to take things into our own hands as it became obvious that the school was not going to assist. Alex was, and is extremely intelligent but we needed answers in terms of the holes that we found, and evidently, getting larger.

We took him for an assessment where we learnt that he was ADHD, a diagnoses that could have been made earlier in his schooling career, one that could have helped him a great deal.

Since then, we removed him from the school, placed him in another and he is currently on medication. Three years down the line, Alex has flourished. His confidence is back and as a parent my only regret is that I should have had the assessment done earlier.

My advice to parents reading this and relating to my personal journey, seek medical advice early. This is not a failure on your part, what would be a failure is not giving your child the best possible assistance. There is nothing more heart shattering than watching your child lose confidence and feel inadequate.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also termed ADHD, is a neurodevelopment disorder that affects a child’s developmental success at school and at times relationships.

Early Signs

  • The noticeable signs may be that the child is overly active, unable it sit still and is very fidgety.
  • The child may be unable to complete tasks to the end.
  • They may be unable to concentrate on a task.
  • Interrupts conversations.
  • Unable to listen and carry out a set of instructions.

For more signs refer to attached video.


Most important, do not diagnose your child yourself. If you notice any signs, please seek professional advise. A qualified doctor will diagnose and prescribe medication in doses that best suit your child’s needs.

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