Keeping the skin healthy during the winter months can be a mammoth task, and no matter how many times we moisturize, it never seems enough. It is without a doubt that during these months the skin is in need of some extra TLC.Our old routines will just not cut it. So how do we ensure that the largest organ of ours is taken care of?

Keeping hydrated is essential, drinking enough water in the day is vital, and if you are anything like me, plain old water just does not do it. A trick I have learnt over time is to drink herbal teas. This is great over the cold days as it serves the purpose of warmth, hydration and a balanced healthy glowing skin.

You will find that the cold weather brings dryer skin, and the products that you have been using all year just does not do the job anymore. I suggest that you change your products around during winter and opt for more richer, moisturizing products. It is very important to choose products that suit your skin type. I have heard many women comment about using a product because their friend is but its just causing a breakout for them. The reason for the breakout is probably because the product is not appropriate for their skin type.

Remember that our skin is characterized as 4 types:

  • Normal skin is seen to have an even texture and a firm tone.
  • Dry skin has a fine texture with a tight appearance, due to its dryness you will notice fine lines and wrinkles much easier.
  • Oily skin is seen to have excess oil but remember that you may have oily skin but your skin could also be dehydrated.
  • Combination skin is very common and this type of skin is characterized by either a oily T panel with dry cheeks or the reverse.

When choosing the correct products for your skin, you will want to choose products that will create a balance in ph.

Make certain that you exfoliate to get rid of the dead flaky skin, but mask immediately to lock in the moisture that you lost during exfoliation.

And now, to the most kissable part of the body, and that is our lips. Poor little sweet lips, such torture over winter. I don’t know about you, but the fist sign of winter is seen on my lips and this is awful especially when the dryness causes the lipstick to bleed though.

Solution? Exfoliate the lips with a mild exfoliator and use a moisturizing lip balm.

Be diligent about hand moisturizer. We wash our hands constantly throughout the day which leaves our hands stripped from the natural oils. Be vigilant about replacing the lost oils.

And my last piece of advice is to wear sunscreen, just because you cant see the sun does not mean that it is not there, use a broad spectrum sunscreen.