Bridal Makeup Tips

A wedding is a special time for all ladies, we dream about this day from the time we were little girls, rehearsing as often as we could the moment we will walk down the aisle, meeting our gorgeous and striking husband at the end. And the look in his eyes as he lifts the veil and sees his wife for the very first time. Some of us still imagine this day with the same excitement.

So, when deciding on your makeup, be cautious, remember that the man that is waiting at the end of the aisle needs to still recognise you. The rule with bridal makeup is that, you should still look like you but in a better more beautiful way. Try to stay away from makeup fashion trends, your makeup should be timeless. Remember that 20 years down the line, you still want to look at the photographs without cringing.

Bridal makeup Tips

  • Every bride should book a consultation with the makeup artist to run through a trial. This time should be used to practice different looks and settle on one that you are comfortable with.
  • Bridal makeup should have enough colour and should be heavier and darker to compensate for the white gown as well as photography. Do not get scared when you look into the mirror and suddenly see a face plastered with makeup. Lighting takes away at least 50 to 70% of the makeup in photographs.
  • It is important to make certain that your skin is clear and smooth. Drink plenty of water and prepare your skin.
  • When applying makeup, the rule is that natural light is the best. Try to position yourself close to a mirror.
  • Moisturise your face before applying makeup, however avoid moisturisers that contain sunblock. These are known to give flash back in photography.
  • Make sure that your foundation is blended well.
  • Try to stick to the natural tones of eyeshadows and darken the other edges of the eyes to create depth.
  • Use 2 shades of blusher, a natural shade on the apples of the cheek, whilst a darker shade to contour.
  • If the gown has an open neck, think about adding bronzer to the neck and decollate.
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