burn belly fat

We all know the stubborn layer that insists on living around our belly, no matter what we do,  it seems as though  we can never evict these squatters.

Why is it so hard to get rid of the belly fat, firstly, it’s our lifestyle, we look for instant gratification. How often do we spend money on wonder drugs that claim to make us lose weight, tone and look fabulous in just 3 months, but whilst taking the pills, we get so busy that we do not have time to prepare healthy meals. So then what do we do? We stop off and grab the easiest take away meal. After 3 months, the waist line has not dropped and we blame everything but the real culprit. You, yes you.  A simple lifestyle change will help you reach your goals.

Its important to get enough exercise into your daily routine, even if you are unable to get to the gym, buy a pedometer and calculate 10 000 steps a day. Keep active.

So often we search quick fixes, however the secret lies in what you put into your mouth. Diet is essential, no matter how hard you train, if you are eating the incorrect foods, you will not see results. The first step will be to switch from refined grains to whole grain. Grains melt fat, a diet rich in whole grains changes the glucose and insulin response in your body to hasten the melting of fat.

Stress plays a negative role in maintaining good body health. Everyone experiences stress however the trick is to be able to control it. Find ways that will help you with daily stress, either by spending time with loved ones or try mediation.

Drink plenty of water. You will know that you are sufficiently hydrated when your urine runs almost clear.

Significantly reduce your alcohol and sugary drink intake. These contain large amounts of calories that you do not need when trying to reduce your waist line.

From every piece of advice that I could give you, the most important one would be to stay motivated. Lifestyle change is something that you have to stay committed to, you can not after 5 months decide to go back to your old ways, in fact this will be detrimental.

Good luck!