Champagne Sports Resort

Whilst searching for a quick weekend holiday destination in KZN, I remembered having a look at Champagne sports resort in 2015. At that time the resort was completely booked out. This intrigued me and my curiosity was aroused to a point that at the chance of the first quick weekend away, I decided that this is where I was going to book.

Champagne sports resort caters for both hotel and chalet guests, I opted to stay in the hotel, after all it was just going to be two people. Booking was a breeze and two emails later my reservation was confirmed. The process was handled professionally and after been dealt with in such a manner, I did not mind paying the price.

Escaping to the Drakensburg is always such a treat , one can feel completely removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Champagne sports resort was going to be the ideal break away, just a 2 hour drive from Durban and if travelling from Johannesburg, just 4 hours away.

Road trips can be quite interesting especially when travelling with my 7-year-old son. Anyone that has a 7 year old knows that there is never a dull moment.

The drive from Durban was strikingly scenic, with everything being lush and green. It was hard to believe that KZN was and still is in the midst of a water shortage.

Two and half hours later, we were disembarking from the car and eager to get checked in and settled. The sight of the mountains were majestic and I suddenly realized how small I am in relation to the beauty that surrounded me.

The check-in process was a nightmare; the staff preferred talking to each other than actually assisting the guests waiting. After a long drive, this is not what I expected, however keeping my composure intact, I decided to brush it off. After all, I was on holiday.

I finally got my room key and was escorted to my living quarters. The room was adequate, neat and most importantly for me, the bathroom was clean. There were renovations taking place in the room above me, so any hope for a quick nap was definitely out of the question.

We then decided to get some sun, so we headed off to the pool area, which I might add is probably the best part of the entire resort. The service there was less than poor, with the waitrons less than eager to assist.

After a few hours of sun, it was time for a quick shower and dinner which was served buffet style. The food catered for all taste and I am sure all guests were happy.

As far as recreational activities was concerned, there is a pool, and a play area for kids which consisted of trampolines, putt putt and a jungle gym, golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the resort boasts an 18 hole championship golf course.

I felt that the resort lacked in this area which meant that we had to leave the resort in search of activities. In trying to book for one of the outside tours, I requested assistance from the receptionist who refused to help and advised me that I had to book on my own.

In terms of service, my experience at Champagne Sports Resort was unsatisfactory and the resort should look at investing in customer service training for their staff. The renovations above my room continued the entire weekend from 8am to 6pm, which made resting in the room impossible, there was no other alternative but to stay out.

In terms of the scenery, one can not fault Drakensburg, it feels like God spent a little more time there, the resort itself was neat and clean, however in business we always know that human resources can be a huge downfall.

What I expected and what I received was unfortunately very disappointing.






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