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Denim was here yesterday, it is here today and will remain tomorrow. This incredible fabric is so adaptable and can move from season to season with such ease.   What I love most about denim is that it does not discriminate, it is worn by young and old, men and women and is so fluid that it can hang on a farmer and still drape sexily over a model.

The versatility of denim cannot be denied, those lazy sunday jean days with your boyfriends shirt over can quickly change to a smart date outfit by simply throwing a blazer over,and  straight into a sexy night out paired with some stiletto heels, a clutch hand bag and sequenced top.

What ever your preference may be, denim never goes out of style, it is the best clothing investment and will definitely see you comfortably throughout the years.

Pair your favourite pair of jeans this winter with plaid and you are ready to rock this season into gear.





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