Eyebrows to suit every face shape

Eyebrows are so important as it gives character to our faces and can drastically change the appearance of a person , however so little attention is given to them. Shaping the brows  correctly can give a person a more youthful appearance, the question I am asked more often than not is, what is the perfect eyebrow for my face shape?


There are 6 basic face shapes, there are actually more depending in which field you are working in, for this purpose we will work on the six.

Oval face

  • Oval face gracefully tapers towards the chin, you will have a wider forehead and prominent cheek bones. This face shape is seen as the ideal shape. When working with your eyebrows a soft angled brow will best maintain this face shape.

Long face

  • A long face has an elongated feature from forehead to chin. The goal is to make the face appear shorter therefore a flat eyebrow shape works well as its horizontal line would stop the viewer from seeing the elongated face, instead this makes the face appear shorter.

Round face

  • A round face has a width and length that is almost the same, the goal is to make the round face appear longer. A high arch eyebrow shape works well, its up and down lines will draw the viewers eye up and down therefore lengthening it. Avoid rounded brows.

Square face

  • A square face is when the cheekbones, forehead and jawline are almost the same width, the jawline is the prominent feature. The goal here is to soften this jawline. Start with the curved eyebrow shape and then create more angle to create balance. The stronger the jawline the more angled the brow shape should be.

Heart face

  • A heart shaped face is where the face strongly tapers towards the chin, the chin tends to be pointed, the forehead is sometimes a prominent feature. The goal is to soften the pointy chin and maybe prominent forehead. When doing the brows, depending on how prominent the forehead, start first with the low arch, round curved brows then add more volume to it as it adds more length to the forehead as well as balancing the pointy chin.

Diamond face

  • The diamond face is highly angular, widest at temples. The goal is to soften the entire face and make the widest portion less wide. A curved eyebrow shape works well as the curve will soften the angled face and reduce the widest part of the temples.


Now you are equipped with the knowledge to ensure you are rocking the best shaped eyebrows for you face shape.