Friend Crushing

Is your friend crushing on you?

So, you have been friends for a while but recently you feel that he may be crushing on you. Nothing can be more unsettling than the feeling that your friend may have a crush on you, especially if you don’t feel the same way. Many friendships have been lost due to blurred lines, however if caught early, there is a chance that the friendship can be saved.

How do you know for sure? Here are some tell tale signs to help you:

  • Notice what he says, especially if he suddenly becomes more interested in your love life. If you go on dates, does he slam your date mentioning that you can do better?
  • Has your friend ever hinted that he wanted to date you? For example, has he hypothetically asked you what you think it would be like if you both dated each other?
  • Has your friend invited you to hangout alone more often?
  • Has he been complimenting you more? If he rarely took notice and suddenly you find that he is complimenting you more, it is a sure tell tale sign that something is up.
  • Does he pay special attention to you in group situations?
  • Has he suddenly become shy around you?
  • Has he become more aware of his appearance around you?
  • Does he become jealous when other guys approach you?

If you are still not sure, give him the opportunity to tell you, or enquire with mutual friends. Either way, you need to first discover whether you really want to know if he has a crush on you. This discovery could change the dynamics that you both share. You could end up dating and it could either be beautiful or it could end in tears. Are you ready to lose your friend or on the flip side realize your soul mate?


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