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Granny Mouse Country House and Spa

Home away from home, that’s the ethos shared at Granny Mouse and thats precisely how I felt from the minute I walked into the reception area. I must admit that I was slightly alarmed by the instantaneous genuine attention I received as I opened the door, with an almost chorus like welcome  by my first name. Been a city girl, this sort of warmth can be unnerving but within seconds  my body relaxed as I realized “Dorothy was no longer in Kansas”

This was the perfect weekend to hide away in the Midlands, with the cold front hinting KwaZulu Natal, there was no perfect place to hibinate and see the freezing weather through. Snow had already set on the mountains of the berg, so the air was crisp and fresh.

Walking into a treasure nestled within the midlands meander , Granny Mouse Country House and spa is situated just one hour away from Durban. This magical spot started its journey in 1984, with the then owner Richard Pointing. One would be curious about the origins of the name, just as I was as I sat to have my interview with Sean Granger, the general manager. With the temperature outside sitting at 11 degrees Celsius, a good story was exactly what I was seeking. The story was unveiled as Sean acquainted me with evidence that Granny Mouse was actually derived from Mr Richard Pointing’s wife’s name which was “Mouse”. At that time the much smaller establishment was named “Granny Mouse’s” but as time passed the name evolved to what we know it to be at present, which is Granny Mouse Country House and Spa. This enchanting getaway is now owned since 2009 by Mr Altmann Allers.

The hotel boasts 32 rooms divided into

  • 8 garden rooms
  • 12 deluxe rooms
  • 12 deluxe suites

All rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities a city sleeker would require and yes,  WIFI is available in all rooms.

Granny Mouse County House and spa are hosts to some of the most extravagant weddings held at the midlands, one of which was that of a dear friend of mine. They also have a conference room perfect for those corporate brain storming sessions.

A getaway is never completed with out a spa treatment, so for those who are wanting a complete unwind, trust me when I say that your desires are catered for.

Within the common areas, the hotel exhibits a multitude of quaint lounge areas, equipped with fireplaces where one can enjoy the company of others or simply slide into a space of solitude to read a book.

There are two bars and two restaurants, the Bistro caters for the relaxed eating with The Eaves which is classed as the country fine dine restaurant.

During my enlightening interview with Sean, I asked him what set Granny Mouse apart, and he was very confident in his answer. It was simple he said, the staff. The staff treat every guest as family, making the environment conducive to the hotels central brand element, which is that everyone who walks through Granny Mouse is initiated into the Granny Mouse family. As family you are treated with love and respect. And I actually have to agree with Sean. During my stay I felt as though the staff were genuinely concerned with my day as well as my needs.

The Executive Culinary Artist is Chef Weyland who has made Granny Mouse his home for the last two years. Just as his title suggests, he is the “food artiste”.  The culinary expectation is that food is art with a twist of traditional home style cooking.

During my stay I got to partake in the Brandy and chocolate pairing. At this point I must add that I am not a brandy drinker, so all it took was two sips and I felt my self warm up from my tiny toes straight to my head in seconds. There was a selection of 3 brandys and 3 chocolates for the tasting. It was a light hearted affair and every time the lady asked me what I was tasting, I just nodded my head for fear that if I opened my mouth, I would breath fire. It was an awesome experience as we got to share our funny drinking stories, of which I had none, of course.

If you are a wine enthusiast like myself, you will find yourself getting lost in the wine cellar. The cellar houses in excess of 150 wines, there are International wines as well as vintage wines that you may not find in SA.

Granny Mouse Country House and Spa and won numerous awards




Which brings me to my wine pairing experience.

I sat for a five course super indulgence of culinary heaven paired with some delicious wine, my favorite, I have to admit was the dessert paired with bubbly. The evening was perfect as each course was served, the waitress explained why the wine was paired with that dish. Unlike many pairings that I have attended, this one was slow and I was allowed to enjoy the experience at my own pace.

Granny Mouse Country House and Spa participate in many of the shows that happen within the country where they share their love for food and family and have recently launched their “POP UP KITCHEN” on the 17th of May 2017.

My experience at Granny Mouse was nothing short of complete relaxation, from the moment I arrived to the second I left I was made to feel like I was part of their family. The aesthetics add to the emotional attachment, sipping on wine in front of the fire place as the temperature dropped outside is without a doubt what a city girl like myself needed. The only regret I have is that I did not get to enjoy the spa treatments, however, there is always a next time.

I love the outdoor experience and although there isn’t many physical activities within the grounds, they do have a short hiking trail which was what I needed after indulging. The walk may have been short but it was scenic in that I walked along the river, listening for birds and keeping my eyes open for any wondering animals. The river unfortunately was dry due to season but I was told that during the summer it fills up. If you find yourself wanting to engage in other activities there are many things to do just outside of Granny Mouse.

Taking in the fresh air and watching if you could spot animals running in the bush is not a daily occurrence in my life, so getting out off the concrete rut was exactly what the doctor ordered.

A review can never be complete without me talking about my room. One word, PERFECT. My room was spacious, which included a balcony overlooking the fields. The balcony was without a doubt one of my favorite spots in the room. It was where I enjoyed my first cup of coffee as I took in the fresh crisp air. There was a fire place which was always stocked with wood so I never had to concern myself with the single digit  temperature outside. I also love that the bathroom had heated floors which made the night bathroom run so much more bearable.

The bar fridge was stocked with the basic needs, however should one require additional items, all it takes is a phone call to reception and miraculously they will appear. The bed was comfortable with good clean linen, and you may think it strange that I add this in, but it is one of the first things I look at when I walk into any hotel.

Home away from home is exactly what Granny Mouse Country House and spa is.












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