Searching for the secrets to achieving beautiful skin is like searching for the holy grail. Although we hear about beautiful, flawless skin, very few have seen it, yet the desire to experience this phenomenon just once is mind blowing.

Yes, there are a handful of lucky ones that can boast about the possession of having beautiful skin, so it was to them that we sought advice.

After consulting with a dermatologist as we as a group of ladies between the ages of 24 and 35, this is what I discovered.

A guide to beautiful skin

  1. Always use sunscreen, even on days that may seem over cast. Over exposure to sunlight without the necessary protection is extremely damaging to the skin and can cause premature ageing.
  2. Learn to relax and unwind. Stress and tension can cause an increase in cortisol in the body. This hormone is responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin which will ultimately lead to wrinkles.
  3. Sleep 7 hours a day, not only is this good for the mind, body and soul but it also prevents racoon eyes, or pigmentation around the orbitol area.
  4. Get physical. It is important to workout, even if it is for 30 minutes a day. Not only will you achieve a healthier looking skin, the bonus would be a healthy, fit body.
  5. Remove any excess sugar in your diet. Foods with a high glycemic index increases cortisol in the body which breaks down the collagen and elastin. Rather opt for foods that are rich in Omega 3 and vitamin C.
  6. Avoid picking your face. Poking and picking at pimples is the worst thing you could do for your skin. Besides spreading bacteria causing more pimples, when you pick and a pimple, chances are you are going to leave a permanent scar.
  7. Avoid trying too many products.
  8. Stop smoking, In addition to the yellow teeth and fine lines and wrinkles to the mouth area, nicotines destroys the skin, leaving it saggy, grey and lifeless.
  9. Always treat your skin gently. Do not use harsh products and limit exfoliation to once a week. Most people scrub their skins hard with the hope of getting it squeaky clean. The problem with this is that you can cause inflammation of the skin, blocked pores as well as blemishes.
  10. Wash your face every night, and never go to bed with makeup on.
  11. Drink plenty water.


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