The universe is infinite, filled with knowledge and secrets. Knowledge that we can not begin to understand, however there are thousands of books that come out every year outlining the universe and its relation to ones self. Why has this industry boomed? What is it that us mere mortals are in search off?

What secrets could the universe hold that would unleash some sort of satisfaction on human kind? The true question is probably what do we desire? Money? Wealth? Family? Holidays? Where would this lead? After pondering on this for a few days, I have come to the opinion that we search for happiness. After all, happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence.

So, if happiness is what we desire, then why is it that so few attain it, and for the ones that do claim to be happy, are they truly happy? The one thing I can be sure of is that happiness depends on you. Your emotional state is what drives your happiness.

So often than not we place our happiness in the hands of others hoping that the other person will make us happy. I have come across comments like, “if I could only find the right person I will be happy” or “ my marriage is in ruins but if we have a baby we will be happy”. Common on people, am I the only one seeing the problem here? Without a doubt, happiness can not be found in another person, they can however add to your state of being.

I have a 7 year old son, he is the light of my life, and yes he does make me happy, every moment with him is a learning experience. But he adds to my happiness. If my emotional state was depressed or angered, then my time with Alex (my son) would not be a happy time, he in fact would irritate me which in turn would cause my inner state to deplete even further.

So then, what is happiness, and how can we strive towards it? People have built multi million dollar empires trying to coach people on this topic. The one that is definitely my favorite is keeping a gratitude diary. In the beginning it’s a chore, I have to admit, but as it becomes part of your daily routine, it becomes much easier. With all honesty, I personally don’t keep a gratitude diary, what I do is I say thank you for the things that I am blessed with, and for me every morning would be things like, actually having the privilege to open my eyes and see my son, thanking God for my home, things like just been able to have breakfast. In my home, even Alex will say five things he is grateful for in his day. Granted they are arbitrary things like my iron man, and mommy gave me a doughnut today, but the idea is there. The more one realizes how much they have, the small things don’t matter anymore.

It is important that you free your mind, body and soul of all the negativity. Do you know that as I get older, I have become extremely selective about the people I have around me? When you surround yourself with negative people, your outlook in life becomes negative. So choose your inner circle carefully.

Avoid negative thoughts, self doubt or even trying to rationalize a situation to death. Circumvent feelings of boredom, worry and fear as it all contributes to your state of happiness.

I believe spending quality time with ones self is essential, during this bonding time you will learn who you truly are and what you desire most. Only once you know yourself will you understand what truly makes you happy.

Look at the world as if it’s the first time you are seeing it, look at your partner as if it’s the first time you encountered their presence. I can promise you this, the world is a miracle and everything on it, which means that you, my friend are a miracle. Do we not pray for miracles? Instead of praying for a miracle, recognize that you are a miracle, and therein lies your happiness.

Stay forever blessed.