When choosing eye wear, its important to understand that your face shape plays a big role, just as the body has the perfect figure which is the hour glass, the face too has an ideal shape which is oval. This face shape is symmetrical and balanced. So when choosing eye wear, you need to consider the proportions of your face so that you may create the illusion of a balanced or oval face shape.

The correct eye wear will balance and enhance your face. When choosing frames, remember that an  angular frame will compliment an angled face shape and a more rounded frame for a curved face shape.



A guide to help you choose the best eye wear for your face shape.

Oblong and rectangular face shapes

Oblong face shapes appear wider in frames that are oriented more horizontally than vertically. These kinds of frames have an obvious bar across the top. Frames that is slightly wider than the face will help to visually widen it. Low temples or earpieces and bridges will visually shorten a face, while colourful earpieces will add width to a face.

Round and square faces

Round and Square face shapes can be visually lengthened by using bold or colourful lines on the vertical parts of the frame. You should avoid frames that are wider than the widest part of your face and add length with the high temples or earpieces and bridge. You should also stay away from narrow lenses.

Pear and A triangle faces

Pear and A triangle faces shapes must choose frames that angle up and out, as well as a frame with a strong horizontal line along the top. Ear pieces that are attached high up on the frame will also widened the upper face area.

Heart and V triangle faces

Heart and V triangle face shapers should choose a frame which angles out and down. Ear pieces and bridges attached lower along the frame also help to balance this face shape. Avoid bold lines across the top of the frames.

Diamond face shapes

Diamond Face Shapes must choose frames with a strong horizontal line along the top. The frame can also be narrower at the bottom. Earpieces and bridges that are attached high on the frame also widen the upper part of the face.

Oval shaped faces

Oval Face Shape .This is the ideal face shape and any frame compliments this shape, however always ensure that the frame fits.



  1. The top of the frame should follow the brow.
  2. Eyes should be centred in the frame.
  3. Frame should be as wide as the widest part of the face.
  4. Take scale into consideration when choosing a frame.
  5. A longer nose can be visually shortened with a low or coloured bridge, while a shorter nose can be visually lengthened with a high or light bridge.


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