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The makeup craze of 2015 was all about contouring and highlighting just about every part of the face and body, 2016 hasn’t changed much, we just found another spot to contour. This year is all about contouring the neck.

I am not personally crazy about this trend, however Instagram viewers are on full blown hysteria.

So why do they do it? Well, simply put, anything that is contoured will give the illusion of a slimmer appearance.

Contouring of the neck works well with up styles, BUT remember that if garments reach your neck, there is possibility of staining.When wearing a tube or bustier, highlight the centre of your neck. This elongates your neck even more making you look slimmer.


  1. Use a foundation that is at least three shades darker than your natural skin tone, apply to either sides of the neck line.
  2. Use a foundation at least there shades lighter than your skin tone and high light the middle, as seen in the picture below.
  3. Now blend the foundation.

This technique gives the illusion of a slimmer, younger, longer looking neck.

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