With the silly season upon us, it’s the time for over indulgence. And over indulgence is what we do best. It’s not our fault after all, I mean with all the office parties and family and friends get togethers, we are left with very little self control.

So being absolutely honest, I am an easy drunk, with getting tipsy on just one glass of wine whilst getting drunk on two glasses of wine. So waking up in the mornings is truly hell on beautiful earth for me.

Hangovers are a common thing with everyone of us sharing in the torture at least once in our life times and we all know the signs. The room spins, the excruciating dull headaches that throbs persistently at the temples and oh, lets not forget my favourite, the nausea. It is at this point that I solemnly swear never to drink alcohol again.

This never lasts, of course, so instead of the occasional self lie, I think it would be easier to find ways to help the recovery period move a little less painfully.

So, How do you cure a hangover?

  • I recommend that eating a good meal before embarking into the unknown is a good move. Consuming alcohol on an empty tummy is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself.
  • Drink water between drinks, this will keep you hydrated, the downside is the frequent toilet trips, but I would rather have the interruption of toilet breaks than my head in the toilet. Also drink water before you hit the sack.
  • ¬†Energy drinks are great which will help replace the electrolytes that are destroyed during the binge.
  • Some say consume more alcohol, apparently the “hair of the dog”, however this particular one does not work for me. During a hangover, the last thing I want is to smell more alcohol. However, if this is something you can stomach, I am sure it is worth a try.
  • Greasy food is my favourite, I am completely incapable of eating this on a normal day however during those thunderous hangover days, they are exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • Stock the medicine cupboards with a good pain killer, sometimes I take one before going to bed in anticipation of what may come later, and it works.
  • I was told that having sex when you have a hangover will cure it, I haven’t tried, so if you do, please let me know if there is any truth to it.
  • And finally, the advice non of you will take, don’t over indulge.

Either way, stay safe.

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