Determining  your body shape

Dressing for your body type is essential part of fashion. It is a forgone conclusion that we all have different body shapes, and although beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  the fashion industry regards the “hourglass” body shape to be the ideal.

Although fashion dictates to many people what they should be wearing, it is important to remember that dressing to flatter what you have is the fundamental rule to looking your best. So, when dressing it is important to take the following into consideration :

  • Face shape
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Bone Structure
  • Your shoulder size and angle
  • Your neck length and circumference
  • Your age
  • Any figure variations such as large bottoms, large stomachs or even saddle bags

Now, when we talk about having an hour glass figure, it means that the body is perfectly balanced with the shoulder and hip, and a small waist. If you don’t fall in this category, then it is important to first figure out what your body type is.




This body type has a wider  hip compared to the shoulders.


This body type is the opposite of the triangle shape with the shoulders being broader than the hips.


The shoulders and hips are equal, with little or no waist line.


Hips and shoulders are equal with a small waist line.


The waistline is broader than the shoulders and hips.


This body type carries weight around the mid section, wide shoulders with an undefined waistline.

How to dress your Body Shape 

Once you have determined your body shape, it is then time to dress the body in a way that creates an “illusion” of an hourglass.

The hourglass body is considered as the perfect body, if this is the category you fall into, then you are lucky. Stick to garments that that use your waist as the focal point, avoid clothes that are overly baggy as these will hide your figure. I also suggest avoiding stiff garments as these will create a boxed look. You can wear A line skirts, short waisted tops and jackets, wearing a dark coloured belt just on the narrowest part of the waist will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Any soft or stretch fabrics will accentuate your figure.


Is the more athletic body type, because the shoulders are broad it is important to create curves around the hips. Wear fuller skirts, boot cut, flare and wide legged pants. Opt for soft, drapey and weighty fabrics that soften the shoulders. Avoid thick knit wear as this will create a chunky look around the shoulders.


Body shape has little or no waistline with equal shoulder to hip ratio. To dress this body shape you need to break up the body from waist up to waist down. Wear belts wrapped around the waist, belted tops, sweaters and dresses. If you fall in this category, a WAIST BELT is a must! Avoid any stiff or shapeless garments.


Body type is someone that has smaller hips and shoulders but a larger waistline, the goal is to avoid weighted garments that accentuate the waist, again opt for clothing that have waist belts, invest in dark coloured waist belts that create an illusion of a smaller waist.


This body type carries weight around the mid section, wear clothes that trim the waist, dark coloured clothes are slimming. Wear empire lines, long tops and tunics which lifts the chest and makes the waist look slimmer.




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