How to remove makeup stains

Life can be crazy sometimes, always rushing from one event to the next. Unfortunately us women never feel completely dressed until we have our faces perfectly on. In the madness of the rush, mishaps always take place. Foundation stains on the neck line is my common mistake. Women in relationships will constantly be reminded by their other halves to be careful not to hug to close because of foundation or lipstick marks on their shirts. I mean really, the price we have to pay?

Whatever makeup stain battle you are facing, it is important to know how to remove those stains, quickly and painlessly.

Lipstick stains can easily be removed using (Isoprophyl) alcohol or watch hazel. Don’t have these in the cupboard? No stress. Try spraying hair spray to the stain, allow this to set for 10 minutes before washing.

Eyeliner or mascara stains can be treated with salt before washing or use a drop of dishwashing liquid in water and wash.

Foundation stains can be treated with shaving cream or even shampoo. I’ve used 3% hydrogen peroxide liquid which works like a charm.

Blusher and eyeshadow stains can be removed using a mild laundry  liquid.

Important notes

  • Always read the care instructions of the garment before attempting any removal.
  • Make up stains on delicate fabrics should be taken to a professional for cleaning.
  • Removing a fresh stain is always easier than trying to remove one that has had an opportunity to settle in.
  • If the stain is an oil based stain and is not responding to any treatment, try spraying WD 40 to the stain, be careful using WD 40. Try using the product on a small piece of the garment first before treating the stain. This could avoid damage to the entire garment.
  • Some people swear by the coca cola method, however I have never tried this method. My only concern is that the coca cola will leave its own stain. Hopefully, if you do try this method, it will wash off after a good wash.


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