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How to shape your eyebrows


As I write this blog every part of my body cringes as I remember my younger years and how completely comfortableI was  with the caterpillars that took residence just above my eyes. I recollect going for my first eyebrow wax, it was on this day I noticed I had a face.

But today, girls are a lot more aware of facial hair, and the age of the first hair removal ceremony is done at a much younger age, which  pleases me a lot. Eye brow shaping is important because it is the eyebrows that gives shape to and accentuates the eyes.

So, how do you shape your eyebrows? Before answering this you must take the following into consideration :

  1. The current state of your eyebrows.
  2. The spacing between the eyes.
  3. Your age.
  4. Facial proportions.
  5. Finally, fashion.

How to shape your eyebrows :

  1. Rest an orange stick on the widest part of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. The eyebrow should not extend beyond this line.
  2. Move the orange stick so that it makes a diagonal line from the nose across the outer corner of the eye up to the eyebrow. The eyebrow should not extend past this point.
  3. To find the highest part of the eyebrow, hold the orange stick vertically so that it passes the outer edge of the iris of the eye. The point where the orange tick passes through the brows is the highest point.
  4. The horizontal position of the eyebrow is determined by the depth of the eye, from the upper lash line to the lower lash line. The eyebrow begins one eye depth above the top lash line. The top of the eyebrow (arch) is another full eye width from the base of the eyebrow.
eyebrow shaping

Things to consider :

  1. If you have a high forehead, eyebrows should have a high arch.
  2. Low forehead , need a low arch.
  3. If you have wide set eyes, extra hair on the inner corner of the eyebrow will create an illusion of smaller distance between the eyes.
  4. If you have close set eyes, remove a few extra hairs from the inner corner to create distance.
  5. If you have a round face, eyebrows should be straight or angular.
  6. If you have a square shape, round the eyebrows slightly.
  7. If you have a prominent nose, eyebrows should be arched to create balance.


Never pluck above the eyebrow and do not over pluck.

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