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How to wear a choker

Bring back the 90’s and the choker trend is here. Celebrities are hot on it’s heels so if you haven’t started rocking this trend yet, its about time you start. This is the trendiest fashion accessory ¬†right now, and the beauty about it is that you can adapt this trend to suit your style personality.

The choker trend has once more made its appearance, so whether its velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather, be sure that it is the statement piece that will get you noticed.

The best way to wear a choker is by layering it. Use it over a plain turtle neck to add that vavavoom or couple it with a long beaded chain. Add a little spice to the traditional LBD with an embellished choker and this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Forget the traditional chokers and create your own personal style by using suede string or even a thin scarf.



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