VKATZ instagram for business

Instagram is a phenomenal way to get your brand out there. The question is, why? Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform where brands and people offering services can reach their target audience. Unlike the other platforms, it uses photos and videos to relay stories.

Businesses using this platform can reach their target audience in a short space of time if used correctly. There are a number of social media marketing companies available that could help your business, however there are many small businesses that do not have the financial resources to employ such help. This is where I hope to help.

First, why is it so popular? It is a fast way to showcase your product or service in a creative way.

So, how do you do this?


  • Create your account, when you create the user name ensure that the name is relevant to your brand.
  • Complete all the information required when setting up the account.
  • Add links to your bio that redirects clients to where you want them to go.
  • Link your instagram and facebook accounts to gain more leverage on these platforms.
  • Instagram is about visual attraction, all images should be of highest quality.
  • Make use of the one minute videos that instagram allows you. This should be used to relate stories about your brand.
  • Insta stories is also an awesome way to engage with followers.
  • Use Instagram to launch new products or even use it to build hype around the launch.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand and what you are selling. Instagram allows your 30, I suggest you use a minimum of eleven.
  • Repost images of other people using your brand or service. Do not forget to like and comment. This shows that your brand is taking a personal interest in their consumers.
  • A great way to grow your brand is to use influencers. It is important to understand the difference between having a high number of followers and a high rate in engagement. You want an influencer that has a high engagement.

Follow these simple steps and I am certain you will be on the correct path to growing your brand on instagram.


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