Jeera afternoon Tea Experience at the Sun Coast Hotel and Towers

It is impossible to be a Durbanite and not be familiar with Jeera, a quaint indian restaurant found in the popular Sun Coast Hotel and Towers. Jeera is known for its authentic take on indian cuisine offering its visitors a taste experience that will take them on a culinary journey through the villages of India. This rather indulgent restaurant is headed by the acclaimed Executive Chef Sandren Govender.

So when I was invited to attend the Jeera afternoon Tea Experience, I was a little taken aback. What would an authentic Indian restaurant know about a typically English tradition? Very little, I was quite certain of this.

The Jeera Afternoon Tea Experience was initially launched in December 2015, however since then, Executive Chef, Sandren Govender and his team went on a year long tea journey to refine and introduce NEW and distinct flavours not forgetting a modern twist to the old favourites – promising to give guests something truly unforgettable with every sip.

On arrival, I was met with the most elegantly attired dinning room, where the tables were set in a manner fit for a Queen. As soon as I walked in, there was nothing denying the rich aromas of the teas that lingered through the air. I got to taste and smell a variety of the teas on offer, and trust that I would be addicted to have the only tea with popcorn in it as my favourite. The tea experience is accompanied by a modern indian twist on the conventional offerings of an English tea party. Forget the cucumber sandwiches and scones, Jeera offers delectable Indian alternatives.

The Jeera Afternoon Tea Experience is definitely an experience worth experiencing.





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