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Makeup tips for Autumn/Winter

The cold weather can be harsh on the skin and although most of our bodies are covered with coats, stockings and scarves, the face is left open to brave the cold.

  1. Protect and hydrate

Exfoliate every other day to prevent the build up of dead flaky skin on the face and use an intensive moisturiser to restore the skin.

2. Use moisturising makeup

Opt for a cream foundation during winter, and remember that your skin may get paler, so don’t forget to match your foundation to the correct skin tone. Avoid using excessive amounts of powder, not only will it cake your makeup but it will also dry out your skin.

Eyebrows should be kept tidy and defined and a more strong brow is recommended. Eyes often tend to  water during winter because of the wind so my suggestion is to avoid eyeliner and mascara that will run. Eye colours for winter should be bold, try berry shades, defined sockets and smokey shades will work well. Metallic shades can be added for evening glamour.

If you have very dry skin during winter, opt for a cream blush rather than a powder.

Lips take a serious knock during this season, so a must have essential is a good lip balm. Deep shades on the lips are a must so try shades in berry, reds and brown.


  • Make sure your cleanser is non drying.
  • Try using a facial oil underneath your daily moisturiser.
  • Increase your hydration.
  • Use a primer, it will help your foundation glide on easily.
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