Many people hide away from attempting to create a smokey eye. The thought is quite exhausting. Having to chose the correct colour palette, the perfect technique for your eye shape and really not going so deep that your eyes disappear. Let us also not forget the mess. Good golly, the mess!

Well, the fears are truly smaller than what people make them out to be in their heads. Just follow this simple technique, and you will be reaching professional level very soon.

My advice to you is that as much as the smokey eye can be created with many colours, when choosing a palette, work with colours that compliment your skin tone. If your skin tone is warm, then you should opt for a warm palette and if your skin tone is cool, then work with a cool palette.


When creating the smokey eye, I prefer applying my foundation at the end. This helps especially when you have eyeshadow fall. You can simply clean up and continue your application.

Choose 4 colours from the palette you wish to work with.

  • Light shade
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Black

First step is to apply the light shade to the brow bone.

Use the medium shade in the crease and blend. Make sure that when you blend, you do not take the colour too far up the brow bone. It is important that you still see the brow bone.

Work the darkest shade from the lash line upwards making sure not to move pass the the lashes. Blend well.

Use the black, keeping it again, close to the lash line.

You can then use your black liner to create your eyeliner.

Apply your preferred technique of full face makeup.

Once completed, work the bottom lashes, smudging the colours well.

I hope you enjoy

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