Maria Valaskatzis

VKATZ  was founded by South African born Maria Valaskatzis. The Inspiration for VKATZ by Maria Valaskatzis began at her tender age of 17, when Maria became a Model. Ambitious and driven filled with wonderment; Maria decided to travel the world at just 20.Wonderlust Maria and her Modelling Career embarked her on the beginning of her journey to London. Having walked the runway Maria’s, already intrigued enthusiasm in the world of fashion began to expand into the make-up and skin care industry, and from there into Image Consulting. This vast knowledge marked with her travel to many destinations from Greece, New York to Brazil embraced Maria, with a taste of the finer things in life,

As a socially prominent woman,  with an ever growing influence. Branded by an impeccable sense of fashion and the latest trends. Marked with a vast knowledge on make-up tips, techniques, and to keep it all well-balance in travel, fine dining, fitness and lifestyle.

This is the foundation of her brand VKATZ by Maria Valaskatzis.