You may ask, what is a medilux hair topper? In general terms, a hair topper is hair piece that fits on top of the head to create fullness and volume.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the entire country has been on lockdown. Meaning that people have very little access to what they consider normality. A quick work out at the gym, or having your hair done has become but a distant memory. Being lockdown at home for what seems like eternity with your needs not met is excruciating. Having to wake up in the morning only to face a uni brow and extensive hair regrowth can leave one suicidal.

I may not have the answer for everything, however I may have a suggestion to fight off the regrowth. I have always been an advocate for hair extensions for this simple reason. I am vain and I would like more hair (kidding). I have worn different variations of extensions for many years. When the country went into lockdown, my extensions remained attached however as the weeks past swiftly I realised that I needed to remove the extensions before there was damage to my hair.

Having worn extensions to having no extensions on is heartbreaking and on top off this misery, there, staring me square in the face was my black hair regrowths.

I refuse to use box hair colour to remedy therefore a much wiser solution was needed.

It was then that I realised that a hair topper could be my answer.

Although the hair topper is something that is used to assist alopecia patients to hide the lose of hair, I bought it to disguise my regrowth and add the volume I lost as a result of removing my fixed extensions .


The application of the hair topper is straight forward. It comes attached with clips that clip onto your own hair. If you are fimiliar with clip on extensions, attaching the topper will be a breeze.

It is recommended that you style your topper on a mannequin head, then attach it to your hair.

Can the topper damage your hair?

If you use good clips that do not pull or break your hair then the topper is safe to use.

Just make sure that you purchase your hair topper from a reputable outlet.

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