What is a nail infection?

Fungal nail infections are common infections found on the fingernails and toe nails. These infections can cause the nail to become discoloured, thick and hard. The fact is that fungi is usually present along side other bacteria on the body, the problem arises when the the fungi overgrow. This causes the infections.

Causes of nail infections

  • Tight footwear that causes crowding of the toes.
  • Heavy perspiration.
  • Walking bare feet in public showers and pool areas.
  • Wearing shoes and socks which prevents the feet from breathing and ventilation
  • Wearing artificial nails

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sometimes the nail separates from the nail bed.
  • White streaks on the nail.
  • discolouration of the nail.
  • hard thickened nail.
  • brittle nails.

Treatments available

  • Seek medical advice as there are many treatments available depending on the severity of the infection.
  • There are oral as well as topical treatments and a medical practitioner would advise on the best solution.

Prevention of nail infections

  • Good hand and feet hygiene is important.
  • Wash hands and feet.
  • Do not use tight shoes.
  • Follow the rules when it comes to artificial names.
  • ventilate your feet often.
  • wear flip flops when using public showers and pools.


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