Its been a month since the lock down began and the truth is that I did not believe that we would be house bound for this long. Going into the lock down, I did not once consider replenishing my skincare. So, days into the lockdown and soon the regret began to set in. That being said, I knew I needed a few basics. This is when my journey with Himalaya herbals purifying mask began.

I have extremely sensitive skin, and as a result, I am particularly aware of what I use on my skin. With the hope of getting my products from my beautician being very slim, my only alternative was to acquire products that were natural in base.

I have read many reviews regarding the Himalaya herbals range, and in particular the neem mask.

What is neem ?

  • Neem is a herb that comes from the neem tree in India.
  • It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.
  • Protects the skin and can keep the skin soft and supple.
  • It can assist in reducing scars that were caused from acne.

How to use the mask?

Step one : Cleanse the face

Step two : Apply a pea sized amount of the product onto your finger tips and gently massage the face.

Step three : Once you have exfoliated the skin with the product, I recommend that you wait 20 minutes.

Step four : Use warm water to rinse the product off. You may use a cleanser to wash off the mask.

Step five : Pat dry and apply moisturiser.

I used the mask twice a week, generally at night and felt that the product cleansed my skin well. I noticed a definite glow in my skin, however I do not recommend that you use the product more than three times in a week. The exfoliation action could step the skin of its essential oils.

The product was value for money and the results are noticeable.

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