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Packing tips

So, in a week I am off to Mauritius for a much-deserved break, and according to tourism Mauritius, the best time to travel there is between April and June and then between September to December. Phew! At least I booked during the right time.

Now travelling and seeing the world is one of my most favorite things to do, but, I hate packing. I wish I could take my entire closet with me, and I am pretty certain that there are tons of ladies that share this sentiment. I mean really, as a woman, we need to be prepared for anything, right?

Sadly, we do not have this luxury, so todays tip is about packing light for your dream holiday.

The best advice that I can give for  any island holiday is to pack relaxed clothes. Remember, any outfit can be radically transformed with the correct accessories.

The trick to packing light is to choose items that can be mixed and matched with other items to create new looks, or capsules.

For the daytime, costumes are a necessity and by simply draping different sarongs over it, you can change the look. Shorts and vests don’t take up too much space and are ideal for those hot islands days. For the evening you can glam your look with simple summer dresses with accessories. If the night gets cooler, carry along a pashmina, it always creates elegance over any outfit.

As far as shoes go, spending time on the beach and at the pool side will call for flip flops, but I always recommend that you carry a pair of heels, you may never know what the night my have in store. I am not really a flip flop girl, so I pack a pair of nude wedges that can be worn with any coloured costumes.

what to pack


It is important to remember that  island holidays can be very expensive for tourists, so try to remember to pack all that you need to avoid having to buy there.

The weather is usually very hot and humid, so don’t forget a large brimmed hat and a sun block with a high spf. And whilst you are shopping for your trip, don’t forget the mosquito repellent.

Now that its time to pack, I highly recommend that you tightly roll you clothes instead of the conventional folding, you are more likely to jam in a lot more in the suitcase than you think using this method. Use ziplock bags to keep your toiletries nice and secure so that there is no chance of spilling all over your wardrobe.

I  carry a little back pack onto the plane which usually houses my laptop, passports and wallet. I also keep my toothbrush in there and 1 change of clothing.

Now you are all packed and ready, all that’s left is for you to have the best time ever, and don’t forget to catch my travel blog on the beautiful island of Mauritius.