Race day is always fun, and if you are anything like me, you are pretty much set. Oufit, shoes, accessories and hair all figured out. This is one of those events, were we can go all out in terms of fashion without feeling overdressed. However, as much as this event sparks our fashion creativity, we must take heed and understand that this is a long day, so what ever we decide in terms of makeup or beauty, it must have longevity.

Lets start with the night before, have a early night, there nothing is worse than having to hide dark circles from under the eyes or tired skin. Exfoliate the face to remove dry flaky skin, and mask immediately. This will ensure that the skins moisture is restored. Drink plenty of water for a natural, healthy glowing skin.

My advice on the day is to wear a primer, besides creating a canvas onto which you produce your master piece, it also aids in the endurance of your makeup. Fixing spray is a must, it will help everything stay in place.

Its very easy for one to go crazy on the makeup design, but remember that it’s a long day and the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Choose one focus point on your face and work with that. For instance, if you know that you of teary eyes, stay away from heavy eye makeup, before you know it you will have raccoon eyes.

If you are wearing a hat with a large brim, opt for focus on the lips.

False eye lashes is one of my firm favorites for race day, and it’s an opportunity to experiment with different styles. Keep in mind that if you are wearing an extravagant head piece, keep the lash style more natural. The most important advice that I could share with you is that if you are wearing lashes, keep a tube of lash glue in your purse. Can you imagine losing one of your lashes during the course of the day?

Bold lip shades are always great when keeping the eyes subdued. Experiment with pops of color.

On race day, you don’t want to tug along a huge bag, so go with an elegant clutch bag, but something big enough to keep your essentials. Always carry your pressed powder and your lipstick for quick touch ups through out the day.

Remember to have fun, and make sure you cast your bet for your favorite horse.