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Relationships are a funny one to understand, we spend so much of our time and effort imposing what we think we are looking for in a partner that we fail to see what the other person actually has to offer. As strong independent women, we need to recognize the signs early in the relationship so that we can avoid wasting valuable time.

Here is some help, if these ring warning bells, I suggest you take heed.

  • The biggest no, no for me is when your man tries to change you. Whether it is in the way you dress, act, things you say or the friends you keep. You are who you are, and you are perfect, you should not have to change to accommodate him, in fact he should accept you for who you are.
  • Trust is the corner stone of any relationship, if something in your gut says that you should not trust him, then you should probably not. Chances are that he did something to instill this mistrust  in you. Girlfriend, trust your intuition.
  • If something significant happens in your life, do you call him first? If the answer is “No” maybe you should consider why this is.
  • We all go into meaningful relationships with the idea that the other person is the one, so we have our lives planned out. When you look at your man, can you imagine him as the father of your kids? No? Mmmm….
  • If he does not respect you, tell him to hit the road Jack…
  • Sex is an important factor in a relationship, it brings couples closer as you share yourselves intimately, if you are not sexually attracted to him, then its time for him to walk out the door. This maybe a little harsh, but can you imagine yourself forced into having sex with someone you are not attracted to? It will lead to disaster.
  • If a man is hung up on his ex he needs to go, baby, you are too perfect to be fighting for attention. He needs to sort out his emotional self instead of pulling you into turmoil.
  • If he brings out the worst in you, it’s a sign. Your partner should make you a better version of yourself.
  • When looking for a partner, there needs to be a connection and common values, do you share this with him?

Remember this, the more time you spend with Mr Wrong, chances are you are missing out on Mr Right.