Review overview

Ease of use 9
Coverage 7
Price 9
Availability 10
Durability 10


9 tech score

What is it?

Revlon color stay makeup is a foundation formula that delivers flawless, all day coverage. It comes in two formulas to suit the following skin types:

  • Combination/Oily

  • Normal/Dry

What I liked about the Revlon Color Stay makeup.

  • The first thing I liked about the Revlon Color Stay makeup was the pump bottle, it was easy to use with no mess.
  • I generally get to try and work with many foundations, and I also taught makeup artistry and special effects for a few years, so finding a foundation that lasts is like finding the holy grail of makeup. I can truly say that I was surprised to find that one application in the day was all I needed. I constantly have to powder in  the course of the day however that was not necessary with the Revlon Color stay makeup.
  • The range comes a  variety of colours to suit almost any skin colour so the likelihood of you finding your shade is high. One of my pet hates about foundations is when a brand decides to only bring out a very limited range in colours and many ladies are left with having to buy two different shades that they would need to mix together to get their perfect shade.
  • It has an SPF 15 factor, which means that besides making you look fabulous, its also protecting your skin.

What I did not like about the Revlon Color Stay makeup.

  • The first thing I liked about this product was that it had a pump bottle, however as the foundation was coming to the end, I could not pump out the last bit, however the top does screw off so if you are anything like me, you can still manage to scrape out the last bit.
  • Removal of the product at the end of the day was a little struggle, but on the upside, it lasted all day.

Final Thoughts

The Revlon Color stay makeup definitely gets a thumbs up from me. If you do have pigmentation, I would advise in investing in a separate concealor, I found that even after layering I still needed to use my concealor.




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