The greatest miracle is the miracle of life. As mothers we have this little being that lives and grows inside our bodies, we feel it grow, witness its first movements and after nine wonderful months, we are blessed with this incredible life. It is a life that we brought into this world. It is a privilege to be able to call yourself a mother, for at that moment of birth; you are the most blessed soul on this earth. You look at your baby for the very first time, holding your breath, waiting for it to cry, and finally when it does your emotions take over your body and you can’t help but break down and sob. Suddenly you look at your baby and you will see its entire future laid out in front of you. A father looks at his child for the very first time and sees himself.

As a human being, this is the greatest moment you will ever experience. There is no amount of worldly wealth that will bring you this joy. As a parent you instinctively become protective and possessive of this little life, hoping and praying that this life will grow up knowing no pain, hurt and vowing to destroy anything that will be destructive. You are unable to fathom the possibility of any harm coming to this life.

Is what I have written just a fairytale? Are these just words that people use or is it truly how parents feel?

I am a mom, and I can honestly say that what I have described is the truth. My child is the be all and end all of my life. No matter the successes that come to me in my life time, my greatest success is my son.

After saying this, I have recently become extremely troubled by the many instances of child abuse cases that have been floating around in the media. On first thought I assumed that it was been done by strangers, however to my shock and horror I found out that it was committed by the parents themselves. The abuse cases were so severe that these poor children died.

I beg to ask the question, how is it possible that someone could harm their own baby to such an extent were the child dies? Are these people human? Do they not have hearts?

Children are a blessing to those fortunate people who can call themselves parents. You do not realize how lucky you are, there are hundreds of thousands women world wide praying everyday to have babies.

Although as parents we are blessed with these children, they do not belong to us. We are mere guardians; their bodies, souls and spirit belong to God. How dare these people mistreat a gift from God?

What has become of the human race, were we are harming our very own flesh and blood? These children have to live with this abuse everyday, they have no voice. Can no one hear his or her plea for help?

I ask that you open your eyes and look around, society has deteriorated to such an extent that I am not sure whether it can be saved anymore. We raise awareness to so many causes like women abuse. I am not saying that this is not an important cause, however these women are adults, they have a choice, more importantly they have a voice, they can seek help. These children have no voice, but I have a voice, and I will speak up for them. I say “SAVE OUR CHILDREN” and I ask that you raise your voice to this cause too.

If you turn a blind eye to abuse, then you are just as much the abuser as the person doing the physical abuse. Ask the questions that need to be asked, where is child welfare? What are they doing to protect our children? Communities, I plead, stand together and protect our children.

There is a word, “Ubuntu”, I am because we are. You exist because you are part of something bigger, a family. Without that you are nothing. In the bigger picture, we are all family, let’s start behaving like one. Protect our children, even if they are strangers to you.

I pray, God save our children.