Seventies inspired winter look

The seventies was an interesting time for fashion. Flower power and feminism ran supreme. Bootleg, flare pants and shift dresses adorned the female race and although we started seeing the emergence of the independent and liberal woman, the softness and feminine side was still evident.

My look was inspired by the seventies, the shift dress is without a doubt a firm favourite. Although the dress is not figure hugging, there are still the curves that allow you to notice the female silhouette.

Maria Valaskatzis 70's style 1

Being a tiny lass myself, I have to be extremely careful, certain silhouettes can easily  make me look frumpy. What I enjoyed about this seventies inspired winter dress was that it had the perfect shape around the waist. What you cannot see in the images is that the dress is actually shorts. This styling is ideal for the lady that wants to show the right amount of legs without the fear of her lady bits peeking out.

The colours of the dress are rich, which negates the dull and dreary winter blues. It is important to remember to choose these types of colours when picking out your winter wardrobe. Often your choice in colours will determine your mood. So create life with warmer tones during the grey season.

Maria Valaskatzis 70's 3

I love to accessories winter fashion and although one may think a hat is solely a summer accessory, I use it often during winter. The winter sun can be very harsh and although the sun may not be shining as brightly, a hat will help with the winter glare. Not to mention that it is very stylish and reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.



I paired the look with a white clutch bag to add a pop of colour to the more natural tones of the outfit.


An outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes. I paired the outfit with a rust coloured tie up shoe that ends at the ankle, very resemblant of an ankle boot except cheekier.












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