The soul recognizes what the human eye fails to see, when two souls touch and recognize each other, even before the mind and heart can comprehend, this is magic. This is the feeling we all yearn for, however we live in such a fast paced world filled with different people, more often than not we find ourselves moving from one relationship to the next in pursuit of one goal, and that is to find our soul mate. The one person that makes you feel entirely whole. The problem with being on this journey, is that we do not wait, we do not trust our instincts and the sad truth is sometimes we end up settling, and this could happen for many reasons, it could be situational, for instance protection, financial security and the list can go on.

To some the idea of having a soul mate is incomprehensible. The thought that there is another person out there made entirely for you, that the two of you fit into each other like a hand in a glove, is insane.

The true test as to whether you have found your soul mate is that you will never question as to whether your partner is your soul mate because your soul will be content.

There is however a misconception that your soul mate is your lover, this however is incorrect. Your soulmate can take the form of someone of the same sex or even your best friend. You may never marry your soul mate, they are just people that understand you better than you understand yourself, makes you laugh and when you are around them the world suddenly feels right.

So this is where I throw in the curve ball, if you believe in soul mates, then your mind is open to the notion of karmic experiences. To my understanding, we are born with a destiny, a purpose which needs to be fulfilled. Every person that walks into your life or every situation you experience is a karmic experience. These karmic experiences need to be lived and felt as you move closer to fulfilling your destiny. In essence, they are your stepping stones. Don’t get me wrong, not all karmic experiences are pleasant, in fact there are times we question the reason for the turmoil. But believe me they are necessary. I read something interesting the other day, and I will share with you, when you are going through a difficult experience, don’t ask God to take it away, ask God to give you the strength so that you can get through it, at the end you will be that much stronger. Something to think about.

So, just when I thought that I was coming to grips with the idea of a soulmate, there came the next curve ball. I was introduced to the idea of a twin flamed soulmate. So unlike a soulmate, a twin flamed soul mate is your other half. The one that completes you in everyway, your exact double.

Now, the biggest problem I have with these concepts is that yes, we dream about finding our twin flamed soulmate, seriously, what could be better? There are however times that you may want the other person to be something they are not. Sometimes you may find a person that you share an indescribable friendship with, something that is unique and like nothing you have ever experienced. This is were I have the problem, what if the other person feels this bond as well, but understands it to be great friendship, whilst the other person believes with all their heart that they are twin flamed soul mates? If they did share a twin flamed soul mate relationship, should both not feel it to be true?

My answer to this is simply, if two people found themselves in this type of relationship, they will instantly feel their souls connecting at a higher level. If they were twin flamed soul mates, then this will be a mutual feeling. If only one person feels this, then it stands to reason that both souls have not connected at that level. And maybe the other person wants it so desperately that they force the idea onto the other person.

I believe that we will find a few soul mates in our life time, someone that touches our lives, teaches us lessons, and there are times we will share an unmistakable bond with them, however the search lies in our twin flamed soul mate.

So, how do you know? The easiest answer is that you will both know. Never allow a person to force you into the belief that they are, it will only lead to you compromising and settling, whilst your heart and soul will be in constant search.

I am a hopeless romantic, I have had soul mates but I have yet to meet my twin flamed soul mate. I believe that when I do meet him, the world will cease to exist.