Spring Fashion trends 2016

It’s soon time to say good bye to the dull, gloomy days of winter and hello to the warmer mornings of spring. As we pack away our scarves, coats and jackets, what are some of the fashion trends that we can look forward to?

Spring is known as the month of rebirth, as we watch the trees getting greener, and the flowers start to bloom, tradition leads us to believe that this season’s fashion should be all about florals and pastels.

Well, no more, tradition is over and 2016 spring is about to bring about a spring fashion revolution. What encompasses a fashion trend setter is the ability to own your own identity. Spring fashion trend 2016 has an array of fashion do’s, so there is no possibility of anyone feeling left out.

This season don’t be afraid of wearing darker shades, flaunt your little black number, and you will still be on point.

Bright, bold stripes are so in, however be careful of the illusions that stripes can create.

bold stripe shirtstripe skirtstripe 3

Gingham is a must have and I am so glad that it is in this season. I get so nostaligic thinking about gingham, it was my all time favourite when I was a little girl. I think it made me look very proper.

gingham 1
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 03: Actress Kirsten Dunst visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on November 3, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/NBCUniversal/Getty Images)

Micro pleats are a yes, these can be very feminine and romantic. Its adds a modern shape to your silhouette , it is very unstructured therefore having the ability to drape quite flatteringly around the body.


Shine and sparkle in sequins, either wearing a dress, pants or even a cute little jacket. This sequins trend is perfect for a night out or just to add a little glamour to an outfit.

sequins pants

The next trend takes me back to my cabbage patch doll, for those of you that are as young as I am, and played with these dolls, you will also remember the doll’s dress. Yes, it had patch work. Patch work my lovelies, are in. Be it on dresses, pants, jackets or even hand bags.

patchwork 2patchwork 1

Add a little volume to an outfit with ruffles, again, a very feminine, romantic feel in this trend.

ruffles 1 ruffle 2 ruffle 3

Throw out the old and stock up on done up denim outfits.

done up denim 1 done up denim 2

After hiding the shoulders all winter under tons of clothes, spring time is all about the bare, exposed shoulder.

shoulder 1 shoulder 2

Low slung pants have snuck back in, but be careful with this trend, worn incorrectly could leave you looking untidy and unkept. Take due consideration to your height.

No more hiding behind coats, its time to flaunt it this season with mesh playing a big game.

mesh 1mesh 2


So, these are the spring fashion trends for 2016, but remember, you are unique and you can create your own style using these trends. If you dress in your style personality, you will always feel comfortable.



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