With little Miss Kim K making contouring makeup one of the most sought after techniques, there has now been a sudden shift. Contouring has left the building and there is a new kid on the block. Yes, “strobing” is the new makeup trend. By contrast to contouring, which is the defining and restructuring of the facial features, strobing leaves the face more natural and glowing.


So what is “strobing”, well in short, strobing is not new, makeup artists have been using it for years, we just called it highlighting.


The trick about strobing is to highlight areas of the face that light will naturally catch, which is the forehead, temples to cheekbones, chin and above the lip.





When highlighting, I will recommend that you use 2 shades lighter than your natural foundation, apply the highlighter to as per the diagram.



Using a damp makeup sponge and blend in an upward motion. A damp sponge allows for easier blending.


Another trend that has hit the streets is “ baking” or “cooking” your makeup. No ladies, this trend does not require you to shove your face into the oven for a few hours. In actual fact , what really happens is that you will apply a large amount of powder to the highlighted areas, leave this on for about five minutes whilst you continue the rest of your makeup application.



This process is termed “baking”, is really just allowing the powder to sit on your face a little longer, this will ensure a smoother, wrinkle free finish.



So, once you have “strobed” and “baked”, you should be ready to knock them dead.