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Soft natural cut crease makeup

Maria Valaskatzis natural cut crease

The soft natural cut crease makeup look has always  been a go to makeup.

In the video, I have already applied foundation, powder and blusher.

Step to creating the natural soft cut crease eye

  • Use a natural shade over the entire eye. This will serve as a base colour that will absorb any oils that may be present on the eye.
  • Use a medium shade to shade the crease area.
  • Use a darker shade and shade the area just below the brow bone.
  • Now use the darkest shade to create definition under the brow bone.
  • Use a light shade to clean the area on the eyelid only to crease the soft natural cut crease.
  • You can also use the same shade to clean up the area on the brow bone.
  • Once you have completed this you can line the eyes using any style that you may enjoy. I always like the winged eye liner so I went with this style in the video.
  • Using the exact method you used, smudge the eye shadow below the lower lash line.
  • I already had false lashes, however to create more drama you can add a pair of strip lashes.
  • Mascara the bottom lashes.
  • Finish off the look with lipstick .

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