Natural makeup


Basic Day Makeup Tutorial


After traveling the world learning the art of makeup and fashion combined with my knowledge of owning a beauty, makeup and hair school, we decided, together with DigIn Media to create a series of videos that will teach you everything  I know.

The first episode is a basic day makeup tutorial that was designed to teach you basic application. This makeup once mastered should take  5 minutes to apply. The basic day makeup look is ideal for women on the go and transitions well from day to evening.

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Steps :

  • Make certain that the face is clean and well mositurised before you begin the makeup application.
  • Start the foundation  application from the forehead to the chin using a patting motion.
  • Use a lighter foundation under the eye, on the chin and forehead.
  • Powder the face.
  • Begin to neaten the eyebrows, it is day makeup so keep it natural.
  • When shaping the eyebrows ensure that the face shape is taking into consideration.
  • Make certain that the eyelid is free from any oils.
  • Use a medium eyeshadow shade on the lid.
  • A darker colour can be used in the crease area.
  • Once the eye shadow is blended, line your eyelids.
  • In this makeup, I lined the eye a quarter at the top and bottom. This creates more definition at the outer end of the eye.
  • Mascara should be applied at this stage.
  • I used a brown blusher to contour my cheekbones.
  • Line the lips
  • Add a shade of lipstick to suit your final look.







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Natural Makeup


Natural makeup does not involve heavy contouring and highlighting, however it is a type of makeup application that is so natural that it does not change a person’s appearance, rather it accentuates it.

I’ve decided to add this look onto the blog to help those busy ladies who don’t have much time in the morning and are always on the go. This look is actually my everyday look and takes me five minutes to put on. You are probably thinking five minutes? Is she crazy, but no, I am not. Makeup application is like everything else in life. With practice, you can speed up the time it takes.


Step 1

Start with a clean face that is moisturised. A clean canvas is always necessary when creating art.

Step 2


Begin with your foundation application, I did not use primer or under base for this application. In fact, I do not use primer during the day. My makeup stays in place, however when I am on set, or shooting or going to an event is the only time I add primer to my makeup routine. If however, you require primer then apply it before your foundation application.

Step 3


Add setting powder, this is necessary to set your foundation and avoids sliding.

Step 4

Once the powder has been applied, I neaten up the eyebrows. This is a very natural look, so keep the eyebrows as natural as possible.

Step 5


Apply a medium shade of eye shadow to the eye socket as far as the crease of the eye. I used brown, you can choose any natural shade you prefer. Take a dark shade and blend the colour into the crease, again, I used a darker shade of brown.

Step 6


Now its time for the eyeliner. I used a liquid eyeliner and created a more winged effect. I always wing my eyeliner to create a more almond shaped eye. It does not hurt that it also looks good.

Step 7


Extend the eyeliner underneath the eye about 1/4 way, then blend the darkest shade you used over the eyeliner. Once you are happy with the eyes, go ahead and apply 3 coatings of mascara.

Step 8

Maria-Valaskatzis-natural-makeup-blush Maria-Valaskatzis-natural-makeup-blush-2

I like to slightly contour my cheekbones, so I applied a bronzer just under the cheekbone area for a slight lift.

Step 9

Line your lips and fill your lips with a natural shade lipstick.

Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-finish-2 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-finish-3 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-Makeup-finsih-4 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-fun












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