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Shoe Summer trends 2017

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Shoes make it the women….. definitely. Summer is no longer knocking, it is here and although the weather we are currently experiencing is far from what we expect out of summer. Trust me, she is here. Summer is the time to put away the boots and and unleash those feet as we get ready to rock the latest shoe trends.

I do not know how you feel but for me, shoes are  like jewelry for the feet. However, before we adorn those feet there are a few simple rules to adhere to.

Rules for summer shoe trend 2017

  • Focus on your feet
  • Ensure that your nails are neat and tidy
  • Book your monthly pedicure
  • Moisturize your feet daily
  • DIY foot exfoliation weekly
  • Never leave home with chipped nail polish

What to expect for the Summer shoe trend 2017

The Mule

The mule sandal is  a stunning addition to the summer shoe collection, it comes if various styles and fabric and most importantly the colors are lush and rich. Pair these with a floral dress or even short and those long hot days and nights begin to sizzle even more.


The Espadrilles

Well the espadrilles are of no surprise. These are without a doubt a summer must have. They come in variations and therefore finding your perfect fit will be of no task at all.

The Low Block heel

These are definitely making an appearance this season, and they are ideal for those summer vacations. They are not too high but still have that certain elegance a feminine style personality will be looking for. The low block heel is versatile enough to use day and night, making them the perfect travel shoe.

Slip and sliders

The sliders are here again, last year we saw the introduction of fur to the conventional slide on sandal. 2017 brings them back but this time again with variations. You can expect not only fur but alway a variety of embellishments and adornments.

70’s Inspired Style

The 70’s platform never goes out of style.






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Sneaker culture

VKATZ Sissy Boy pink

I never thought that I would be the one that went back to wearing sneakers, I mean think about it, through life we evolve. And as such, so to does our choice in shoes. Being an eighties child,  neon shades and high top sneakers were so in. Think about Madonna’s Material girl video and let your mind wonder into all the various ways we dressed, and no matter what was on our body, you can bet your bottom dollar that there were high top sneakers on the feet. But don’t discard the normal sneaker, oh no! Pair those babies  with frilly socks and you were in the game.

But as everything goes, my eighties childhood soon evolved and as the years quickly past by, the sneaker craze was over and the girls who have now grown into women, slowly slipped their feet into heels. Think about this, we were no more children, rather young, sexy women who wanted ooze sophistication. Bye Bye sneakers.

Fast forward to today, and here it is again. So what makes the sneaker culture so alluring to even the ones that thought that sneakers are only meant for the gym?


  • comfort
  • fashionable
  • stylish
  • its ability to become adaptable

We live in a time where everything seems to be on fast forward, and to keep up with the pace, we seek comfort. Brands have made this transition for us the consumer so easy. A traditional sneaker has evolved into shoes that are not only comfortable but also fashionable and more importantly they can easily metamorphosize from sporty to chic casual and before you blink into classy sophistication.

There has been a swift shift brought about by the millennials into the sneaker culture and which has positively been adopted by the rest. As a result, it has become acceptable to walk into a corporate office and find workers clad in formal attire accompanied by sneakers, in fact we have noticed this trend becoming quite popular on the red carpets at prestigious events.

So here I am, years post Material girl, embracing a trend I rocked twenty years ago. Why? Because I love the idea of been comfortable and stylish at the same time. Is that not fashion 101?

Sneakers :



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