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Winter fashion 2018

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Winter Fashion

Nothing remains constant, and as sure as you are that night becomes day, you can be certain, winter is coming. But being a fashionista, I know that you have already been planning and getting your  Winter wardrobe ready. The staples will always remain but what about the trend?

Winter for me means warm comfort and there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of tights. My advice this year is look out for the these ones in particular.

  1. Fishnets, they don’t really keep you warm, but look incredibly sexy under a skirt, and I adore   wearing  them under my jeans as I am sure you have seen this trend becoming more prevalent.
  2. Tights that have a design on them and I have to be honest, I am biased when it comes to polka dots. I have a pair in almost every colour and I can’t wait for it to become cold.
  3. Opaque tights are a must and unlike fish nets they do keep you warm.


Colours to look for this Winter

  • Shades of silver
  • Rust
  • Off white
  • Burgundy
  • Navy


  • Knit wear

These come in all shapes and sizes

  • Leather

  • Silk

Look out for

  • My favourite this season is the pleated skirt.  I have to be honest, pleats got  me reminiscing about my school days and although the memories that came flooding in were not at all flattering, pleats have explicitly made a come back. This time it is more grown up and modern. This item is so versatile, and that is key when picking items for your winter wardrobe. You can dress this up with a pair of heels, casual it down with pumps or even go street style and pair it with sneakers and a T shirt. Keep in mind that when wearing pleats, its best to keep your top fitted. My favourite way is to wear it with a button up shirt.

  • Forget the misconceptions about animal print, because I am here to tell you it is a must. We have seen it make its come back in most of the high end designers shows for their Autumn/Winter 2018/2019, from Dolce and Gabbana to Max Mara. Animal prints have always been popular and dressed correctly can make any outfit look stylish and trendy. The key however, is to keep it simple and elegant. Going over board can make the outfit look cheap and tasteless.




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