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When I imagine what the seventies could have been like, my thoughts centre around flower power, people smoking weed and orgies, however the 70’s was so much more. It was quite an interesting period, while the sixties was about social movement and transformation, the seventies saw the rise of feminism and women’s liberation, both at home and at the work place. Women fought for equal rights and because of their struggle then, women today are able to enjoy a life of freedom and equality, however personally I do believe that even in present day, there is still room for improvement.


Fashion has always been a way of life, it does not matter from which decade or even culture one existed in. Both men and women of the world showed their individuality, status and style through their dress sense, and the seventies was no different.


A lot of what we are seeing on the run way at present is inspired from the seventies fashion. The huge trend this season and going into spring is about suede, whether its in the form of dresses, skirts or even accessories, it is a must have.



Another favorite of mine is the fringe and tassels trend. Yet again, it can be found on dresses, skirts, bags or even shoes. The fringes have crept into many decades however the most popular been the twenties.



We can not finish off the seventies without the high waisted garments. The signature look of course for both men and women were the high waist denims with the flare or bell bottoms. Anything with a high waist is slimming on the waist line and is great if you are wanting to hide a few pounds you may have put on over winter .


Whilst you are getting your seventies wardrobe together for the season, remember to add a few the midi and maxi skirts, and don’t forget prints.


The makeup look during this decade had something for everyone. There were 3 main looks on the eyes, natural, smokey and bold. The most popular colours for the eyes were blues, greens and purples and the great part was that they incorporated both matte as well as frosted shades.


Eyeliner was kept natural however the punk and goth folk opted for bold thick liner on both the top and bottom lids.


My makeup advice would be if you are wanting a more natural look, opt for earth tones, and add a little shimmer to the cheek bones to give you a natural healthy glow.


If however you are wanting more of a glammed look, use a mixture of colours to smoke the eyes, and concentrate a darker shade in the crease of the eye. Highlight the brow bone using a white highlighter. Lips can be bold and fun.



The great thing about fashion is that whether its in your dress sense, makeup choice or shoes, its an opportunity to express who you are. I can write this blog until my fingers bleed, nothing will make sense unless you take this and make it your own. So go out and have fun with this trend and use my guide if you fumble along the way.


Lots of love