Digital Dating

So here I am, after many years of being in a relationship , I suddenly find myself single again. But the fact that I am single does not scare me, what scares me is that suddenly the game has changed.

In my days of dating, if you met someone you fancied, you almost killed yourself trying to get the persons name and number before they disappeared. Chances are you may never see them again, and you will be spending the next few months going through the telephone directory trying every Valaskatzis that was listed. In my case, you may have been lucky considering there’s not many with that name floating around.

Nowadays, with the advancement of social media, all you have to do is know the name and “friend request sent”.

In fact, there is no need for a first date, after spending a few hours facebook stalking, you would probably know the persons blood type and how many times they go to gym in a week.

Call me old fashion, I miss the days of real courtship, when the man picked up the telephone and called, and when you saw his number, the feeling of butterflies in your tummy. I remember letting the phone ring a few times, just so I did not look overly excited.

Now, we whatsapp each other, and to my horror sometimes I don’t understand what the conversation is about.

Face book is a clever one, the inbox message, I know that there are many of you reading this and relating, either you have been in boxed or you are the culprit. Either way, what intrigues me is the relationship that some have with people miles away, people they have never met. Some go into full blown relationships with a face book girlfriend or boyfriend. I am not sure if anyone else out there that thinks this is weird?

The digital age of dating has taken the romance away from the old fashion method of courtship.

Call me old fashion but I do believe the old way was best.