As modern as society has become and as evolved as we think we are, there seems to be certain topics that are completely taboo. For instance, the female orgasm, why does the female “O” have to be shunned into a deep dark corner? Would it not help many women to understand this subject? There are many women out there that feel embarrassed to say that they have never reached orgasm, most feel that there is something wrong with them, there are even those that may feel less of a women.

Did you know that according to several surveys, only 25% of women always orgasm, and that there are at least 10% of women who have never experienced an orgasm. Some women have even confessed to not knowing what an orgasm feels like. Don’t you believe that if we were more open to speaking about this, more women will understand as to how and when orgasms can be reached? The problem with society is that we are so quick to sweep things under the rug hoping that no one will ever raise the topic.

Why is it so easy for both men and women to speak about the male orgasm, but when the coin gets flipped we all run away?

The truth of the matter is that media has unfortunately impacted negatively on women once more. If you watch movies, the women reach orgasm with ease and in fact they always reach orgasm. This, with all honesty, does not happen in the real world, in fact, we wish it did. False impressions and misleading information make it hard enough for women to cope, now do we still have to bruise their egos and dent their self esteem?

I think it’s about time that we get down to the facts.

So how does the orgasm work? Well, the first thing that will happen is that you will become aroused, the body then starts to lubricate the vaginal canal and inner labia. When this happens, there will be increased blood flow to the pelvic area, swelling of the inner and outer labia will cause sexual tension. Suddenly the body starts relaxing, the clitoris swells and so does the spongy tissue around the urethra. Your vital signs will increase and you will feel extremely sensitive. When orgasm is reached, you will find rhythmic or sporadic contractions in the uterus, vagina and anus which lasts for about 10 to 60 seconds.

Sounds pretty simple, so what is the problem?

The problem is that women have to realise that their role is not purely to satisfy their partners needs, for they too have needs. They need to learn to take control of their orgasm and understand that it is their right too.

Here are a few tips


  • The first and most important tip is that intimacy should be between two people that respect and value each other.
  • Tune out to the world and relax, don’t worry about the kids or the laundry.
  • Don’t rush foreplay, unlike men, women require that extra loving to become aroused.
  • Don’t ignore the “C” spot, there are many more nerve endings on the clitoris than in the vagina.
  • Don’t forget to pee.
  • Remember that changing positions too often make it harder to orgasm.

Now, if at any point in this article you became uncomfortable, it is because society and media has made it so difficult for women to express themselves. The very same topic from a male’s perspective would be natural. The truth of the matter is that if women keep shying away from topics that make them uncomfortable, they will never reach their full potential, and everything in life will become mediocre, are you happy to settle for mediocrity? Because I am not!

Now ladies, don’t settle believing this is all, you have to own your orgasm the same way you own your health. Having and reaching orgasm is natural, healthy and a way of life. There is nothing dirty, rude or shameful about it. It’s the body’s natural way.

So let it happen and enjoy.