Things you should know before signing up on a dating site


As society moves away from the conventional ways of dating, it has become increasingly more difficult to find “the one”. And as much as social media has lent it’s helping hand, we are never certain as to what crazies exist out there.

So, with the lack of social skill to meet people, we turn our attention to the next best thing. Thriving on our inability to find a partner the normal way, dating sites have sprung up to our rescue. As more and more individuals turn to this method of finding a potential partner, this industry has boomed with the likes of Tinder, Zoosk, eHarmony and the list goes on.

But before our eager little fingers press the register button, there are a few things we should take heed off.

  • Its important to read the site’s privacy policy before you sign up. Find out whether the site shares your information with others, such as advertisers, partner companies or even research firms. If there is anything that is on the site’s privacy policy that makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you move on.
  • It is of utmost importance that you understand how the site will charge you. There are many free sites, however there are people that will prefer to use paying sites. If you choose this option then you must understand that these site will offer different levels of membership each allowing you to do certain things whilst restricting you on others. You should understand exactly what you are paying for. These sites use credit cards as the method of payment so know how much you are being charged for their service. There are some sites that do not allow for the cancellation of subscriptions which means that you could be left paying for a service that you are not entirely happy with.
  • Never give out more information than you have to. Remember that all information posted on the public part of the site is seen by all and therefore once the information is out there, the world gets to see it. With many scam artists floating around these days, beware and never divulge information like credit card details or even your identity number. Should a potential suitor ask for such information, this should raise red flags immediately.
  • Finally, remember basic internet security, use a strong password that includes capital letters as well as numbers and remember to logoff and close the browser especially if you are working form a computer that is not yours.

Now with yourself safe guarded, happy hunting.