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The newly acquired Tiger’s Milk recently opened its doors to Durban boasting its mouth watering menu. No more do we have to wait until we visit the Windy City to partake in their spread of gourmet treats and house beer.

On a recent visit to the venue, which is located in the Sun Coast Casino’s newly renovated dinning wing, I was treated together with 5 of my blogger friends to a taste sensation.

We were treated to a selection of starters that ranged from Nachos, Calamari, wings and more. And what stood out to my taste buds was a bread and butter pudding. If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favour and thank me later.

Durban is sometimes known as sleepy town as compared to Cape Town and Johannesburg, but after visiting Tiger’s Milk on a Friday night, I can safely say that we can put that nonsense to bed.

What make Tiger’s Milk Unique?

  • The food ranges from bar style menu with a gourmet appeal.
  • The location is spectacular. It is situated on the beach facing side of the casino which makes it the ideal spot for day and night visits.
  • It is open mornings and afternoons but quickly transitions into Durban’s hot spot in the evening.
  • Because there are 2 floors, families are able to sit downstairs and enjoy their meals whilst the hip and happening crew can find themselves upstairs chilling to the sounds of the DJ playing.
  • The abundant space available keeps the venue relaxed and not over crowded making it undemanding on the patrons.
  • Although the DJ is playing in the background, I found it easy to have a conversation with my friends without straining to hear.
  • During the week the venue hosts a number of theme nights eg quiz night.

Final Thoughts

The experience I had was splendid with everyone in my company enjoying the night. I did visit the venue unannounced previously during a week day in the afternoon, it was quiet but that can be expected as people are at work. It is the ideal venue to meet friends and enjoy a meal and on occasion even an event.

I wish the staff and management everything of the best.

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