Tips to make your boobs look bigger

Its hard to not to want your boobs to look bigger when everywhere you turn you are smacked in the face with medias response to what boobs should look like. Sure, having adequate sized breast can be very liberating, but what is adequate? Celebrities are going F cups to D cups then to G cups and back to C. It feels like we are learning a new set of alphabets.

Growing up I was a small B and being around girls who were more developed than me was disturbing to say the least. And in those days we did everything to make our beasts look bigger, without actually showing our breasts. Yes, I come from the time were socks was used to fill out our bra cups, and thinking back on our attempts, Im pretty sure that the guys that fell for it were idiots. I mean there was nothing natural about them.

After attending university and still wearing the same bra size as I did when I was 16 was not cool, and I remember buying magazines with the Guess adverts. The models always looked so voluptuous, and thats all I wanted to be, A skinny voluptuous girl.

So as women do, we start creating tricks to help us in our endeavours. And as the years past, and things evolved more imaginative techniques were introduced. Today, we are miles away from socks stuffing.

Here are a few tips on how to make your boobs look bigger.

The obvious way to have an augmentation done, however this is very expensive and very sore, and if this option has been ruled out then here are a few more ways.

Wearing the correct bra is more important than you think. Aside from avoiding the cuts on your back, it can help in creating the illusion of larger breasts. Wonder Bra has made a fortune with their push up bras. Make sure you get a professional bra fitting done and the consultant will be able to recommend the perfect bra for your needs.

Do you remember your mom always screaming, stand up straight, sit up straight? Or maybe it was only my mother? Well, if she did, you should have listened. Correct posture can aid in creating the illusion of bigger breasts. From now on, just remember this, tummy in, chest out and chin up. It will not only add chest value to your life but also a little height, and who doesn’t want another centimetre added to their height?

Wearing jewellery with a pendant that falls strategically on the cleavage will not only draw attention to the cleavage but also give the illusion of bigger breasts, just make sure that the pendant is big in proportion to your body size.

Time at the gym never goes to waste, focus on exercise that work and strengthen the pectoral muscles, simple moves like the chest press or butterflies are ideal if you are wanting of focus on the chest area.

And when all else fails, you can always turn to make up. Contouring and highlighting will create the illusion  you desire.



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