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I was introduced to the Matrix Total Results range three months ago, and I can only assume that after my drastic change from platinum blonde hair to medium brown, the team at Matrix thought that dire help was needed.

I am generally very hesitant to try new products on my hair, after all, a ladies hair is her crowning glory, but due to the stress that I exposed my locks to for the past twenty years, I thought a little help could not hurt.

From the time I can remember, I have always used salon specific products, if we spend thousands on colouring the hair, then we should spend a decent amount maintaining it, so with this notion, the more expensive the product, the better it will work, RIGHT?

So when I found out that the Matrix Total Results price range from R90 to R120, my first instinct was to say, thank you very much but I will stick to what I know, but as I write this blog today, I am so glad that I did not.

After using the products solely for the past three months, my hair feels nourished and stronger. I do not see a huge change in the texture of my hair after stopping my old products, which leads me to believe that the more you pay doesn’t mean that you will get better results.

Two specific ranges were recommended for my hair, the one was the “So Long Damage” and the other was the “Mega Sleek”. The So Long Damage is a protein rich shampoo and conditioner that added protein and repaired the hair whilst the latter nourished the hair.  I used both ranges in conjunction with each other, alternating them after every use. Remember, protein is good and is needed but too much protein can also damage the hair.

The Matrix Total Results range has filled the gap between the retail products and professional salon products, what this means for the consumer is that you are able to use a professional salon product at the fraction of the cost.

In an economic time were consumers are becoming more aware of every cent spent, it is refreshing to know that one is able to buy a salon quality product at a cost effective price without having to compromise on quality.

The Matrix Total Results range has a product to suit every hair need and can be found at your local salon.

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