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From the age old question of what do women really want, has it ever been fathomed that we actually do know what we want and that it is really the men that it are confused? Truly speaking, I have heard men say that they want a chef in the kitchen, a lady outside and a freak in the bedroom. It is no wonder that that we get so confused as to who we are. Men, a word of advice, you are causing the women of the world to become bipolar.


So what do men really want? They want women! Its seems like women are kryptonite for men, causing them to get weak in the knees and losing all coherent sense of rationalization.


Of course, the physical will always be the attraction, but have you ever been to a bar crowded by men? They prey on any scent of a female, as if we were powerless deer caught by their headlights. During the early parts of the evening, watch them on the prowl for the ladies with long legs and larger bra sizes, and as the evening then progresses, their nets are widened, and really anyone that will smile back is bait. Leading me to believe that there is no real criteria, its just women.


I have read a few articles about how women should be more open minded to the needs of men, because sincerely speaking, they actually do know what they want.

Well, I am going to poke a few holes in their theories.


Let’s begin.

  • Men want us to be good listners, no “I told you so.” Sure, we can do that. But can you listen to us once in a while without saying that we are complaining?
  • Men want us to be spontaneous, just go with the flow, how about men been spontaneous and going to watch ballet, just once.
  • They say they want a woman to be accomplished and fulfilled, really? So why is it that when you find such a woman, you become threatened? Always complaining that they don’t have time for you, or that you feel like there’s no room in their lives for you? Hmmm.
  • They want a strong woman, seriously. But when she stands up for herself and speaks her mind about what she feels strongly about, then she’s not feminine.
  • She must be real and natural, but you still strain your neck to catch a glimpse of the girl with the fake hair, nails and boobs.
  • She needs to have motherly instinct but you keep complaining she’s mothering you too much.
  • She should be ready to compromise, hold the bus… seriously? I don’t think I need to poke holes on this one, it has enough holes of its own.
  • Men say that they want to feel like a hero, may I suggest that you try wearing a red brief and blue cape. Its very difficult making you a hero, especially when we ask you for help and you say, later baby.
  • You want to feel accepted, like you are good enough, sure, we all do. So the next time your lady puts on a few kilos, instead of making her feel bad and poking fun at her love handles, maybe you should learn to accept it and help her in a more constructive manner.
  • Men want to have good sex, so do women. Men remember this, what you put in is what you get out. So the next time intimacy comes knocking, don’t rush, women like it nice and slow. Satisfy her needs and maybe she will be willing to reciprocate.



Well, I am sure that this list can be exhausted, and women will be able to poke holes at every one of their wants, the point I am trying to make is that as confusing as women can be for men, we are flabbergasted by you as well.


So the next time you point a finger at your partner saying how she does not satisfy your needs, maybe you should step back and ask the question. “ Do I satisfy her needs.”