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What skin type are you?

Its time to know your skin. The largest problem that people have with their skin is that they do not fully understand it, so many people are using the incorrect products on their skin, which only leads to greater skin problems.

How does the skin work?

The skin is composed of 3 layers.

  1.  Epidermis Рwhich is the layer that is visible.
  2. Dermis – is the middle layer, and contains the collagen and elastin.
  3. Hypodermis – this is the inner most layer and is where you will find blood vessels and nerves.
diagram of the skin

Hair follicles, nerves, blood vessels as well as sebaceous glands are also found in the dermis. The sebaceous gland secretes sebum, which is oil.

When analysing the skin, the skin can be broken up into four types. distinguishing your skin type is critical when choosing the correct skin care products.


Characteristics of normal skin will include a smooth even texture with small pores. This type of skin feels comfortable.

Skin care routine should include a foaming cleanser, bi weekly exfoliation and masque and a light weight moisturiser. Remember to include a good sun screen.


Oily skin is very shiny and this can be attributed to overly active sebaceous glands. The pores will be noticeably larger. A person having an oily skin type will experience frequent break outs. Because the skin is oily, there are very few signs of ageing.

When taking care of oily skin, it is important to try and manage the breakouts. Use a good astringent toner to remove excess oil from the skin as well as an oil free moisturiser.


Dry skin feels very tight, especially after washing. A person with dry skin may experience flaking, the pores are very small, almost invisible. Because the skin is dry, it will show signs of ageing faster than other skin types.

Skin care should include a rich cleanser and moisturiser. Night creams that include AHA can assist in removing dead flaky skin.


This skin is characterised by the T-ZONE. which can either be an oily T panel with dry cheeks or vice versa.

Skin care should include regular cleaning, toning and moisturising, coupled with routined exfoliation and masque. Treat your oily and dry areas as needed.

skin types


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